Date(s) - Saturday, April 18, 2020
1:30 pm

1:30 Shotgun

Team Event: ABCD Team

An ABCD, 4-man team event where all players in the group hit from the same spot, selecting the best resulting shot, until the ball is holed out.  We are using different tees so everyone on the team hits from the same tee box on every hole.  This will be designated by the yellow EMGA Tee Markers

Normal Scramble rules apply.  You get one club length from where the ball lies to hit the next shot from off the green and 1 one putter head length on the green.  All shots must be played from the same type of lie (Fairway, Rough, Hazard, Sand, Water) even if 1 club length can move you to a better type of lie.  First ball played out of the sand is played as it lies.  The other three can be raked and placed.

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There are currently 106 available spaces out of 120 total spaces.

  • Scott Moehling
  • Joe Kester
  • David Sobiech
  • Steven Connolly
  • Brett Ullen
  • Jim Meehan
  • Travis Stifter
  • Todd Bakken
  • Terry Small
  • Mike Frederickson
  • John Borer
  • Dan Starkovich
  • Gary Lindman
  • Pete Hancuh


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