Previously your handicap was determined by your H.I. (Handicap Index) X Slope / 113 rounded up or down.  So from the Blues a 16.1 would be a 19 handicap (16.1X132/113=18.8 rounded to 19).  From the White tees he would be 18 (16.1X125/113=17.8 rounded to 18).  The 3-5 Rule which determines handicaps from different tees with different ratings, in our case 71.2 vs 68.8 = 2 so you would subtract 2 from the White Tee player if they we competing against each other so he would play to a 16 handicap.

Now the formula is H.I. X Slope / 113 + course rating – course par from the tees played from.  In our case 72 is the par for all tees so the same player is now 18 from the Blue tees (16.1X132/113=18.8 – 1) since the rating is 1 stroke lower at 71.2 than par of 72.  The White Tee Player’s handicap changes to 15 (16.1X125/113=17.8 – 3) since the rating, 68.8, is 3 strokes less than par of 72.

This will be your handicap when you play from these tees at this H.I.  So this is your handicap in Men’s Club Events.  You no longer subtract 2 shots from your White Tee handicap since it has already happened.  This also means that if every player is playing from the white tees (Thursday Highlanders) they use the new White Tee handicap, which as you can see, will be lower than last year with the same index.

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