The EMGA won back the DAM Cup from the Bunker Hills Men’s Club over the weekend of September 8-9. Bunker Hills held the Cup and the EMGA could reclaim it by totaling 32-1/2 points or more of the 64 points available over the weekend.

Saturday morning fourballs (best ball) ended with Bunker Hills holding a slight 9 to 7 lead. Afternoon foursomes (alternate shot) however was a decisive thrashing by the EMGA with the total being a 12-1/2 to 3-1/2 drubbing of Bunker Hills. The final Saturday score finished at EMGA 19-1/2, Bunker Hills 12-1/2. Sunday singles was close and actually ended in a session win for Bunker Hills at 17-15 over the EMGA, but it was not enough as the EMGA claimed the Cup back with a total 34-1/2 to 29-1/2 point victory. Congratulations to Captain Dan Williams and his team. The competition resumes next year at Bunker Hills under Captain Lyle Wong.

Author: Sixu

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