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The Edinburgh Men’s Golf Association (EMGA) is a very busy and well-organized club. We will play 13 tournaments during the 2019 golf season, all on Saturday or Sunday. There will be two Saturday/Sunday events this year. We try to maintain a membership base of about 200 members. The average tournament consists of about 100 players. You must buy a patron card through the Proshop to be a member of the EMGA.


Q: How much does it cost to join the EMGA?

A: Yearly dues are $150, plus you must purchase a Patron Card from the Proshop. First-time EMGA applicants pay the special introductory rate of $130. If you belong to the Saint Andrews Club, your yearly dues are $150 and your patron card is paid by SAC.

Q: Where is the Application for Membership?

Download this link


And contact Kurt Johnson with questions.

Q: Does it cost extra to be in each tournament?
A: No. The only cost to entering the tournament is the greens fees and cart (riding or pull) if you want one. The prize money comes from your membership dues. Most events will have a separate cash skins game, but that is optional.
Q: How many Tournaments does the EMGA have each year?

A: The EMGA will host 13 events in 2019. The events are a great mix of individual and team based events.

Q: What benefits do I receive with EMGA membership?
A: Membership gets you entry into all EMGA events including all the weekend tournaments. You may also participate in the Indoor and Outdoor Putting Championships. You will receive a GHIN number which is an internet-based handicap update service and includes a USGA recognized official handicap index. Entry into an EMGA event guarantees you a tee time, and the Patron Card gives you the benefit of discounted green fees all the time. Your membership dues include hole-in-one insurance (club events only) and access to the registered user functions of the EMGA website.
Q: Are the events only for golfers with low handicaps?
A: No. The EMGA uses a mix of Gross and Net scoring to allow golfers of all abilities to fairly compete against each other. Your USGA Handicap Index determines where you will be flighted in almost all tournaments.
Q: Are there any social events?
A: Yes. Many events each year are held in the afternoons to allow socializing after the round with your fellow teammates and competitors. Informal events such as the Indoor and Outdoor Putting Championships are designed to allow you to commiserate with your fellow members about the state of your golf game.
Q: Who can I contact with more questions?

A: Please send an email to Emmet Hanratty at ehanratty@mhsinsurance.com with questions that you might have.

Q: What are Ringers

Ringers is a season long contest that computes your lowest Gross Score on every hole in every event you play during the EMGA season.  The Scramble and 2 Day Match Play events don’t count in the Ringers calculation.  At the end of the year the top players in each flight receive golf shop gift certificates (Chits).

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EMGA Pace of Play Policy

In 2011, EMGA has implemented a policy to ensure events are played within course guidelines for pace of play. Click here for policy information. If you have any questions, please contact anyone on the board of directors.

EMGA White Tee Policy, Rule of 78 (White Tee) Qualification

The EMGA Board of Directors, upon request by the general membership, has reviewed policy regarding the White Tee qualification and has revised the policy as of 2013:

2019 Qualification

  • Age (at the end of current calendar year, 2019) plus Blue tee course handicap (as end of the MN GHIN season the previous year, 10/31/18) must be equal or greater than 78
  • Qualifying players must elect white tees prior to the first event of the year and play from them for the entire year, regardless of change in handicap, and applies to EMGA stroke and match play events
  • Players who do not qualify under the required age + handicap requirement prior to the first event must play from the blue tees for the entire year
  • Players electing white tees will have their handicap adjusted per the USGA guidelines (See Course Handicap Calculations)
  • The changes will prevent players from being forced to change tees from revision to revision due to handicap changes

For reference, the 2012 qualification (no longer in existence)

  • Age (at the end of calendar 2012) plus blue tee course handicap must be greater than or equal to 78
  • Must be 60 years old (as of the end of calendar 2012)
  • Most current handicap is applied for each tournament qualification. Because of that, a player may qualify for white tees in tournament 1, but, after a GHIN revision, may not qualify for tournament 2. After an additional revision, a player may qualify again. The player, at his choice, may elect to play white tees for tournament 1 and 3, but may not play white tees from tournament 2 since his most current handicap plus age would not qualify under the rule of 78.
  • Player electing white tees had two strokes subtracted from his blue tee handicap

Course Handicap Calculations

For all EMGA events, every effort will be made to ensure the USGA guidelines are followed in all formats. For individual events (both stroke and match play), the following changes will be made:

2019 White Tee Adjustment

  • White tee players’ handicaps will be adjusted down two strokes from their calculated white tee course handicap. This is in line with USGA guidelines for mixed tee events.

For reference, 2012 White Tee Adjustments

  • White tee players’ handicaps were adjusted down two strokes from their calculated blue tee course handicap. The adjustment made accounts for the difference in course rating, but not the slope. (Note – Rather than adding two strokes for the difference in course rating from the blue tees, EMGA has elected to subtract two from the white tees. This is acceptable under USGA guidelines)

The EMGA Board of Directors acknowledges changes to previous years’ club policy, but the changes implemented will align us with current USGA rules regarding handicap calculations.


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EMGA By-Laws

Revised 11/18/2010

2020 EMGA Board of Directors

EMGA OfficerNameEmail AddressTerm Expires
President / CommunicationsRyan Waltersryanscottwalters@hotmail.com2020
Vice PresidentScott Lewisonlewisons@fireside.com2021
TreasurerKurt Johnsonkd7johnson@aol.com2020
SecretaryChris Adamscba3578@hotmail.com2022
At-Large Directors
Handicap Brett Ullenbrettullen@hotmail.com2020
Tournament Mike Murphymike_offsitemedical@yahoo.com2022
Course LiaisionChris BoucheeC.Bouchee@dynamix-int.com2022
Membership / SponsorshipsDean Hoiumdean.hoium@genmills.com2021
Special Events/Committees
Season-Long MatchMark Jacobsdmjake@comcast.net2021
Ringers and YTD StatsMike Fredericksonmikefrederickson@comcast.net
DAM Cup CaptainEmmet Hanrattyehanratty@mhsinsurance.com

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