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The DAM Cup was established in 2012 in collaboration with Bunker Hills Men’s Club. The DAM stands for “Duel Across the Mississippi,” and also represents the Coon Rapids Dam that separates the two clubs geographically. The event matches the our two clubs in a two day, Ryder Cup style competition. The competition rotates hosts, with EMGA hosting at Edinburgh USA on even years and BHMC hosting at Bunker Hills on odd years. The event consists of 32 players teams from each club in four flights, and Four Ball, Foursomes, and singles formats are all used.

A Word from our Captain – Lyle Wong

2019 EMGA members:
Set aside the weekend of Friday, September 6th to Sunday, September 8th this summer as I plan to take our DAM Cup team to Bunker Hills and do what no captain in DAM Cup history has done: retain the Cup on opposing soil. YOU will be a big part of the EMGA team effort.
It matters not to me if you make our team as an automatic qualifier or as one of my Captain’s picks. I am honored to lead you this year and hope you try to accumulate as many DAM Cup points as possible.  Both clubs have proven resilient on home grounds and we must strive for that lucky intangible which will push us over the top. We all have that little extra in reserve and I want nothing left in the tank at the conclusion of that weekend.
In conjunction with the Board, we will be monitoring standings after every event and by the end of July we will have a fairly good idea of our team makeup. Play hard, play fair, and have fun this year. This is, and will continue to be, the most important aspect of being an EMGA DAM Cup team member.
Good luck.
Lyle Wong
2019 EMGA DAM Cup Team Captain


2-Day Match Play Results

2-Day Match Play Results



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