Kyle Sabot with Twin Cities Promotional

The company that we used for setting up events and scoring them sold to Golf Genius this year.  We used the new software for the first time for this event.  The link below will take you to the EMGA Leaderboard for the 2-Man Best Ball.  There you will find results and a bunch of information about how the scoring went.  Ignore the Player Purse Summary since it combines Skins (cash) and Proxies (Pro Shop Credits).  I haven’t figured out how to change it, if I can.  The Points Summary just gives you a point for Participating (I think).

We will get the live scoring figured out for the next event so it should be on a monitor (and online) for the Classic/Shootout.  Make sure you sign up.  112 maximum.  3 Flights, top 10 and ties go to the shootout starting on 10.  One person gets eliminated (unless we have ties for the top 10, then only 9 people go to the 2nd Shootout Hole).  Chip offs determine ties (net scores are used).  Lots of fun.

Thanks to Kyle Sabot for sponsoring the 2 – Man Best Ball!

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